Friday, May 4, 2007

Business Opportunities

Dear Sir/Madam,

The Mongol Translation company provides business transaction interpretation and translation. Hereby, we will list possible business proposals and if you are interested please contact us at or visit our website at


Munich Lamjav
Mongol Translation

Erhem Hundet Mongolchuudaa,

Ta buhendee Mongol-Amerik, Amerik-Mongoliin hoorond business erhleh sonirholtoi irgeded uil ajilgaanii buren orchuulga bolon zovlogoo ogno. Mongoloos Amerikiin negdsen ulsad horongo oruulj, ul hodloh horongo hudaldan avah, business hudaldan avah huseltei Mongoliin companyydtai hamtran ajillaj baina.

Tuunchlen Washington D.C dehi Hoid Amerik MongoliinBusinessiin Holboond handsan Amerikiin business erhlegchidiin Mongold yavuulah gej bui businesst mon orchuulgiin bolon huuli esnii asuudal, visiin huseltend hamtran ajillaj baina.Amerikiin negdsen ulsad tom bolon jijig businesshudaldan avah, uil ajilgaa yavuulah sonirholtoi humuust zoriulan Washington D.C, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, San Fransisco California bolon Chicago Illinois mujuudad business hudaldaj avahad zuuchilj baina.

Bidentei holboo barih hayag ba manai internet website-iin hayag buhend ene ondoo ed baraa ihiig tsugluulj erdem bolovsroliin deediig olj enh tunh amar amgalan aj toroh boltugai. Yu sanasan eson husel tani setgegchilen buteh boltuugai.

Ta buheniig hundetgen esolson,

Tsagaachilaliin Albanii Huuli Zuin Orchuulagch



Piedmont Commercial Center
6844 Piedmont Center Plaza
Gainesville, VA 20155
Price: $699,000
Building Size: 2,118 SF
Space Available: 0 SF

LAST RESTAURANT/RETAIL SPACE AVAILABLE! Exciting project in Gainesville, near Haymarket border. Piedmont Center Plaza, a commercial development consisting of retail, restaurant & medical/dental-use condo space. Situated on a 9-acre campus close to the historic Town of Haymarket across from Haymarket Post Office. One 2118 SF unit left for only $699,000. Cold dark shell delivery with $45,000 credit toward build-out. Ready for immediate delivery.

Saks said...

Hi Lamjav,

This is Saikhana, writing from UB.

I just have found your website and been through it. It was absolutely amazing and to be honest I`ve admired your knowledge and experience and your achievement.

Briefly, I am a qualified English teacher/translator. I`ve lived in London and Australia and Thailand quite long time and returned to Mongolia in 2005. Now I am doing some English translations in my own translation bureau. However, as I lived in foreign countries and picked up a western culture and gesture etc for long time, I do love to work and live abroad. It is too familiar with my style of life that I have passed through...and feel very close though as you know.

Therefore, I am interested in working in your company if possible I would like to contribute my
knowledge to the Mongolians
who are in need and help with their cases. As I had a quite reputable lawyer friend in London I love to involve with legal stuff although I am not specialist on that. But of course I like translating any documents and doing all kind of interpretations if I can manage so. Actually, I would like to challenge myself and take the opportunity in the field if I could have given the chance.

So I would like to ask you that is there any job opportunity I can work for your organization? If yes how can I apply for it please let me know?

If you need any further enquiries please feel free to ask me at any time.

OK, so much briefly I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Ms. Saikhana

ps: Your email address is not in use that`s why I used your blog.